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Thread: Johny Hendricks thinks GSP is scared to fight him

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    Default Johny Hendricks thinks GSP is scared to fight him

    The UFC’s No. 1 ranked welterweight, Johny Hendricks, is growing tired of champion Georges St. Pierre.

    Hendricks called out GSP after his last victory but he finds himself on the outside looking in while GSP defends his belt against rival Nick Diaz at UFC 158.

    Hendricks will be fighting Carlos Condit on March 16, in the co-main event of UFC 158, stepping in place of the injured Rory MacDonald .

    Hendricks spoke to during a recent appearance on The Verbal Submission about a number of things, including St. Pierre being scared of him.

    “I’ve been saying even more that he might be scared,” Hendricks said. “I do not know why he didn’t take the fight. All I know is he just proved what I thought. I am the number one contender. GSP should be fighting me and no one else. Why he didn’t, only he knows and his camp knows.”

    Hendricks also had some choice words on the hypothesis that GSP will fight Anderson Silva after the Diaz fight.

    “If I ever saw him, I’d probably slap him,” Hendricks said. “Like, really? If that happens, then everything that we believed is true. Everything we’ve talked about, everything all the fans are trying to figure out, we know it’s true. Here’s what I really believe. He wants to finish on top. What if he retires after this fight? That’s something I’ve thought about too. What if he retires, then comes back out of it and fights Anderson Silva. That sucks. You always want to retire when you’re on top and not when you’re on your way out.”
    Hendricks thinks GSP is scared to fight him | UFC NEWS MMA News | Mixed Martial Arts | UFC News | BJPenn | MMA Fight | UFC Fights

    is the word hate to strong of a word? because im begining to hate this fool more and more each day. GSP is not scared of you, not even a little bit. Your ass kicking is coming to you dont worry about that, GSP isnt retiring anytime soon.

    I cant wait to sit back and watch the Natural Born Killer add another guy to his list in montreal. Hopefully that will shut him up for good.


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    I guess GSP and Dana White haven't done a good enough job of publicly communicating that GSP wants to fight Diaz to settle the bad blood from last year and that GSP-Diaz is the fight that the fans want to see more.

    If I know why this fight is happening and Hendricks doesn't, then the problem isn't in the communication from the UFC or GSP and his camp. The problem is that Hendricks needs to get his head out of the sand. Maybe he's let his ridiculous beard grow over his ears.

    I can totally understand Hendricks' point of believing that the #1 contender should get the title shot, but it's one thing to disagree with the decision. To claim that he doesn't even know the reasons for it is a completely different story.

    Maybe he's trying to get GSP pissed off because he saw what happened when Nick Diaz called GSP "scared".

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    Hendricks feels like he has to talk his way into a title fight I'm guessing. I really hope Condit beats his one-dimensional game.

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    Blame Dana and Joe Silva for all of this shit. As soon as they started granting Sonnen/Bisping/Diaz title shots and No. 1 contender bouts based on shit talking and call outs this monster was born. Somewhere, Vince McMahon is chuckling just a little bit harder

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    I really don't understand this. There is nothing, NOTHING, Hendricks can do to stop the GSP/Diaz fight from happening now. The biggest thing he can do to ensure he gets the next titleshot is win his next fight. Continually bitching in the media and acting like a spoiled child doesn't help him. It only hurts his image at this point.

    MMA fans, media and promoters have allowed fighters to talk themselves into fights far too often. Now all we get is this constant stream of bullshit.

    Johnny - cannot get you a titleshot. Dana White can. Go earn your shot and shut the fuck up.
    Hating on Anderson Silva before it was the cool thing to do.

    The idea of a "true number one contender" is the stupidiest MMA idea to be perpetuated by fans and media, EVER.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H0SS View Post
    Hendricks knows exactly why the GSP/Diaz fight is happening. Why do you think he has been talking trash and deriding GSP?

    He has a legitimate point about being the number 1 contender, and now he is using it to insult/shame GSP publicly to secure a fight.

    He knows Georges isn't scared, this is just an attempt to garner attention so he doesn't get passed over again (if he actually defeats Condit) and build a "bad blood" angle of his own.
    Absolutely. Just like Ellenberger is talking shit to Hendricks.
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    The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Hendricks will stay the squeaky wheel until he gets his shot. I suppose I cannot blame him, seeing that has been a successful route for guys like Sonnen. The way he is going about it though, and what he says, is annoying the fuck out of a lot of people, including myself.

    The highest ranked fighter he's beaten is Fitch, IMO. Even though Diaz lost to Condit, I still feel Diaz is higher ranked than Hendricks. And of course, Condit is higher as well. Hendricks needs to beat one of those two to be deserving of a shot, so I think matching him against Condit is highly appropriate. I see no problem whatsoever with how the UFC is handling this.

    Big problem for Hendricks is that he is overlooking Condit, which is a massive mistake. I think Condit will beat him handily, and hopefully put an end to all of this shit.

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