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Thread: Rashad Evans says he's ‘going to be back' after ‘hard' fight against Antonio Rogerio

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    Default Rashad Evans says he's ‘going to be back' after ‘hard' fight against Antonio Rogerio

    Rashad Evans says he's ?going to be back' after ?hard' fight against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC 156 -

    Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans may be on the first two-fight skid of his nine-year career, but "Suga" wants to assure his supporters that he will be back better than ever.
    His words:

    "Wow, wow! I thought I was going to do the whole show without someone bringing up that ... why!?!?!? But, since you brought it up, it was a hard fight for me, one that I lost. It was a mental fight for me and I lost it mentally-speaking. I had a great training camp, but no matter how far you are -- and no matter how long you have been in this sport -- it happens and you have to make sure you are ready to fight on all levels. But, I'm going to be back! [points to camera]."

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    Biggest win of Lil Nog's career. Lil Nog was massively overrated until that win.

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    I don't know, him owning Henderson was pretty impressive...and people can't even use the bad weight cut excuse that everybody uses for him when he loses at 185.

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    Suga will be back, better than ever I hope. Don't know what the fuck was up with him in that fight, but it was brutal to watch. He needs to come back with a dominant performance after that one.
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    Honestly did either of those guys break a sweat in that fight lol? Good win on paper for Lil Nog dont get me wrong, but it wasnt like either one was impressive.

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