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Thread: Dan Henderson: I won that fight

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    Default Dan Henderson: I won that fight

    Dan Henderson: I won that fight - Mixed Martial Arts News

    If Cecil Peoples had his way, Hendo would have won, but the other two judges ruled it for Machida, and thus a title shot is now some wins away.

    “Normally that’s not my type of fight, a little bit boring,” Henderson said at the UFC 157 post-fight press conference. “He did a good job moving around and was real hard to hit. I needed to stay in his face and cut him off a little bit better and make him fight. He did a good job not fighting.”

    “I won the fight, but not officially. I hit him whenever he wanted to fight. He ran away most of the time.”

    FightMetrics showed that Henderson did indeed outstrike Machida for quantity, but 54-28. However, All but one of Machida's strikes landed significantly, something less than half of Henderson's did.

    Lyoto Machida ‘Very Surprised’ by Split Decision in UFC 157 Win Over Dan Henderson

    “I felt that I won the fight, because in my score, I kneed him many times. I kicked him. I took him down,” Machida told Fox Sports after his win. “In the third round, he didn’t take me down. I slipped, and he took advantage of this. I felt I won the three rounds, and I was very surprised by the split decision.”

    Henderson never seemed to get started standing, as his offense was stifled by the karateka’s sharp defense. Each time Henderson charged forward in an effort to land one of his patented right hands, Machida quickly retreated to avoid the blows and occasionally countered with straight shots of his own.

    “It was my game plan to keep the fight standing up and to avoid the ground position and his right hands,” said Machida. “Look at my face. Nothing. [He kicked me] just a little bit in the legs, but I can put ice on that and it will go away soon. I can make my distance, and I kick hard. I didn’t let him grab me, and I [avoided] a lot of wrestling.”

    Machida did find himself on the bottom during one exchange in the final frame, as Henderson used the former champion’s slip to force him to the canvas. Machida’s guard proved difficult to penetrate for the two-time Olympian, however, and the southpaw avoided taking any major damage before scrambling to his feet. With his vertical base regained, Machida opened up slightly more in the bout’s final two minutes in an effort to steal back a round in which he felt he was trailing.

    “When I slipped, he took advantage and kept the fight on the ground just to [score] points,” said Machida. “I thought, ‘I have to keep the fight standing up and be more aggressive and try to knock him out.’”

    With the victory in his rearview mirror, Machida is eyeing a shot at the UFC light heavyweight championship. Whereas the Brazilian turned down a short-notice title fight with Jon Jones last year, Machida said he is now eager to receive another crack at the gold.

    I hope [I am next in line for a title shot],” said Machida. “It depends on the boss, Dana White, but for me, it’s good. I will [ask for the fight].”
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    That was a close fight. Pretty hard to call it a win for Dan though. Should have been a five round fight. Dan is lucky the first round ended when it did though. Overall, not a definitive "win" for Machida, just quite a bit more on the significant strikes.

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    Must be something Dan can take to improve his speed? he's slow in his old age.

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    I'm glad that wasn't a 5 round fight. I am starting to dislike Machida's "elusive" style. If it was anyone else it would be called running.

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    I guess Hendo forgets the ole' "Decision Dan" days lol.

    Nobody "won" that fight last night, much like Lil Nog/Rashad, but if I had to score it, Machida's kicks to the body got him the win in my books.

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    Nah, Machida clearly won that fight. However, it was boring as fuck imo.
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    yeah no way dan deserved that w. he landed like 8 head strikes, machida did exactly what he needed too

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    I had it scored as a draw, exactly the way I thought it would go, down to Machida getting the nod.

    I thought Dan did more than rampage did, where jackson got the gift decision...

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    i could have seen dan getting the decision, but the ten-point must system is still very malleable when it comes to judging.

    machida's trip in the first round won him the fight. i called that he would do that before the fight started, and even in round three he was avoiding and real close exchanges.

    it just left a bad taste in my mouth. luckily, it was the kind of loss that only sets hendo back a fight before a title shot.
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    Was a terrible fight by all. Nobody won that fight but the fans definitely were the losers.

    At least Dan was moving forward. Machida made no attempt to finish that fight at any point. He could learn from Rousey and Carmouche on what makes a good fight.
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