First word of thread title should be "Opinions", not "pinions".... Couldn't change it myself.

Now I am reading that Bendo is thinking about a GSP dream fight. This right after reading about Also possibly fighting at LW, and Dana saying he would stay at LW if he were to make that move. Of course, Edgar jumped weight, and all of the Jones talk......

Where does this all end? Is this good for the sport? What happens when the weight-jumping Champ wins a title in another division? Is he now stuck at that division? Does he relinquish his previous belt? What happens if he wins the new weight class belt, and he wants to immediately go back to his old weight class?

Personally, I think weight class jumps by Champs should only be entertained once they have truly cleaned out their division, and the only possible fights left are rematches. And a jump in weight class combined with winning the belt in the new weight class should carry a time limit before they are allowed to go back into their old weight class, if they are seeking to do so.