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Thread: Opinions on Champs seeking title shots in other weight classes......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sniggles View Post
    But then there can't be a multi-division champion. Noooo!!
    In a case like Aldo, he should retain he the fight the LW champ takes place, assuming it happens. If he wins he vacates the 145 title but can still say he officially was champ of both divisions at the same time.
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    Dana talked about this yesterday on UFC Tonight or Ultimate Insider, I forgot which one. He said that Champs will have to defend their belts at least a couple of time before they can jump to another weight. He kyboshed Bendo fighting GSP for exactly this reason. I am glad he is taking this stance before this all gets out of control, because we would soon need a fucking map to follow all of this weight-class jumping.

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