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Thread: Anderson: Fight at 170lbs is impossible

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    Default Anderson: Fight at 170lbs is impossible

    UFC president Dana White spoke again about a potential fight among The Spider and light heavyweight Jon Jones and Chris Weidman is on the stand-by list to face the middleweight champion. But the Brazilian still says that there’s nothing confirmed.

    "We still haven't talked, there is not certain yet, I don't know anything. Of course, as a Brazilian, I would like the fight to happen in Brazil, and the kid (Weidman) said he would accept to fight in Brazil but there is nothing set," he tells VEJA.

    Another subject of MMA fans is the challenge between Silva and welterweight champion Georges Saint Pierre. Anderson commented this fight will take place only at catchweight because he wouldn't perform at high level if he dropped to 170-lbs.

    "I had a talk with my whole team, my nutritionist, doctor... dropping to welterweight is not viable. If this fight with St-Pierre would happen, I think it would have to be at catchweight, around 81kg, 82kg, something good for both of us. I can't make 77kg and fight with quality."

    This directly contradicts a statement Dana White made to Fighters Only in London, England several weeks ago when he expressed the belief that Silva would indeed be able to fight St. Pierre at the welterweight limit.

    The middleweight kingpin revealed the wish of fighting for more five years and when asked about whom he would grant a revenge match to, of any former opponents, he selected the former champion Rich Franklin, from who he took the belt in 2006.

    "If I were to give a revenge for somebody, I would give it to Rich Franklin because he was the guy who gave me the chance to fight when he was the champion. Maybe it could be a farewell fight. I owe it to him."
    Anderson: Fight at 170lbs is impossible - Fighters Only

    * I know he didnt just call him out but this is the second time (at least) Anderson has mentioned giving Franklin another shot at the title.. Trying to plant some seeds?
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    dear anderson and dana:

    please. shut. up. with. the. media. trolling.

    when dana says "I haven't talked to him" the only logical response is "why the fuck not?"

    everything that comes after that is simply more bullshit.

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    Of course it's impossible for him to fight at 170.. did anyone really think he would drop down to 170??? A fight with GSP was never going to happen at welterweight.

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    Its official, Silva quotes are the new Fedor coming to the UFC: Dont believe it til it happens and try not to step in all the bullshit.

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    So Anderson thinks he owes Rich another hellacious beating and another broken nose...right after Rich just received the worst knockout of his compassionate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbader08 View Post
    So Anderson thinks he owes Rich another hellacious beating and another broken nose...right after Rich just received the worst knockout of his compassionate.
    You think that ko was worse than the "tkos" given to him by Silva? I'd rather be knocked flat out than take the beating.

    Also saying he wants Franklin again is just silly. Cung is more deserving as he's on a white hot 2 fight win streak.
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    Silva and Cyborg go to the same dietitian.

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    These guys are really trolling the fuck out of the media, one day saying Silva and GSP will have a Catch weight, then Silva can drop to 170 lbs, then he'll go up to 205 and fight JJ. Now he can't make 170? I never thought he'd be able to anyways, but fuck everyone who has false hope for all of these announcements right?

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    Defend this one Anderson fans. He contradicted himself again and wants to fight Rich Franklin, so please give me the excuses. I'll get you started, he just mentioned that he'd like to give Franklin another shot, that doesn't mean he is ducking anyone.
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