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Thread: Fitch's plan for Palhares: Keep calm and don't get to point where you're screwed

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    Default Fitch's plan for Palhares: Keep calm and don't get to point where you're screwed

    Fitch's plan for Palhares: Keep calm and don't get to point where you're screwed
    WSOF welterweight title challenger Jon Fitch (26-6-1) is fighting champ Rousimar Palhares (16-6) – finally – and that means he has to answer questions about leglocks.

    Namely, how he’ll stop them.

    Fitch has one thing to say about his upcoming opponent, whom he meets on Dec. 27 at WSOF 16, eight months after they were originally scheduled to meet at WSOF 11.

    “The No. 1 thing I learned about leglock defense from (American Kickboxing Academy coach) ‘Crazy’ Bob Cook was a long time ago was be calm,” he told MMAjunkie Radio.
    That brings Fitch to another thing about leglocks, whether it’s a submission specialist or average Joe applying them: it’s about leverage. And that’s where Cook’s training comes in again.

    “He showed me the positions where you’re screwed,” Fitch said. “He said once you get to here, you’re screwed. It’s over. So as long as you understood those positions, you can stay calm from that position. A lot of guys tap to leglocks because they freak out.

    “I use the (Brock) Lesnar (vs. Frank) Mir kneebar (as an example). I don’t think that was applied very well. I think that was more of a panic tap rather than he felt real pain. If you look at (the hold), it was pretty far down the leg. It was past the knee; it shouldn’t have put on that much pressure on anything.

    “When you mess with somebody’s legs, there’s no leeway like with an arm or a shoulder. You’re fine, you’re fine, you’re fine, and then it pops. Guys know that, and once it gets tight or straight, it’s probably going to pop, so they freak out and they tap from that.”
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    Good luck Fitch! I hope you win and I would love to see someone else put it to Paul Harris like Belcher did!
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