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    So I miscalculated how my winnings worked! I thought I only won 24 dollars on my Okami bets, but I actually won 54 dollars, which made up for the ten I lost on Siyar, so I made out with an extra $44 last night. Thank you Okami! I should've bet much more on you. I was worried Lombard was going to get the KO though.

    Siyar was dominated, unfortunately. I used my free bet up on him which I should have put on Okami. I could have won $207.50 of off just $10 had Siyar won. Damn you, Dong, damn you! I really thought Siyar was going to at least do better than he did.

    As of right now, there are only a few matches with the odds that are displayed on the website I use (Bovada).

    George "Rush" St. Pierre
    Nick Diaz

    Daniel Cormier
    Frank Mir

    Benson "Smooth" Henderson
    Gilbert "El Nino" Melendez

    I pretty much feel that all of those favorites will steamroll, or handily defeat their opponents. I may put some money down on each of them for a few small wins.
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