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I don't think a guy like Cruz will have ring rust. He is a lot like GSP where is pretty much nothing but a gym rat. This is the same injury GSP had and he showed no signs of ring rust whatsoever. I know Cruz will be out slightly longer then GSP but I do not think it will have any overall effect on him.
The difference is that GSP can afford the best of the best for treatment. Being a gym rat and working hard isn't enough, this type of injury was a career ender not to long ago. If you don't get the top of the line treatment the whole way through, like GSP and Tom Brady and Adrian Peterson got, there is a good chance you don't come back as strong. I don't know if Cruz has made enough money to afford that kind of treatment. The UFC insurance definitely doesn't cover it.

Also, Wineland will make this a good fight. He's got enough KO power and big fight experience to make it good.