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Thread: Overeem injured, out of fight against jds

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_dark_angel_4ever View Post
    Probably, and good for Hunt, but when the hell did 11 weeks notice become "short notice"?
    11 weeks from your last fight is pretty rough for a HW coming off a fight into the 3rd (I think) round. He doesn't usually look beat up, but I'm sure Hunt has some real damage.

    Honest, given that and how bad his cardio looked post injury, I'm not sure I want to see this fight so soon. But Hunt is a tough bastard and doesn't care

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorPunch View Post
    But Hunt is a tough bastard and doesn't care
    ...I don't think we'll see any statements from him about lack of training time or being injured if he loses. He's epitomizes that old school fighter mentality that I love. I wish there were certain champions--note the plural--who could have Hunt's heart in addition to their world-class skill levels. That would be the very best thing to ever happen to MMA, in my opinion.

    All manner of men came to work for the News: everything from wild young Turks who wanted to rip the world in half and start all over again -- to tired, beer-bellied old hacks who wanted nothing more than to live out their days in peace before a bunch of lunatics ripped the world in half.

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    Just the fact we're having this conversation at this moment utterly amazes me. It's 2013, and we're talking about Mark Hunt being a win away from a UFC title shot. Mark. Hunt. Utterly fuckin amazing.
    Quote Originally Posted by SWIFTboy View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by GL Jeff View Post
    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    LOL so Dana White lied again about Hunt turning down the JDS fight....
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    im confused, if Hunt did indeed ask the UFC to pay up to fill in on 11 weeks notice and the UFC said no, then Hunt said im not taking the fight.

    So then he did turn down the fight correct?

    I know we dont know both sides of the story (or really any sides of the story outside of a few tweets) but this sounds very similar to Machida wanting that Anderson Silva money to take a fight on short notice...
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    I actually wouldn't mind jds waiting for reem. i really wanna see that fight

    hunt vs big country!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pasha K View Post
    LOL so Dana White lied again about Hunt turning down the JDS fight....
    I feel like when talking about fights we have a lot of the same views, but when you get off on the Dana hate you really lose me. Did I read you say above that the UFC is protecting JDS from Hunt??? please tell me I misinterpreted that.

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