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Thread: Following UFC 158, Nick Diaz up for shots at middleweight, lightweight titles

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    Default Following UFC 158, Nick Diaz up for shots at middleweight, lightweight titles

    Following UFC 158, Nick Diaz up for shots at middleweight, lightweight titles | News

    "If I had that option available to me, I would be honored to be in that position, and I would be gratefully accepting of that position or fight, if you will, with the 185-pound champion or the 155-pound champion," Diaz said. "I would take either fight, and I think I could beat either guy to win a title at both weights.

    "I'd like to be runner-up in the pound-for-pound rankings. That's the No. 1 goal, aside from the No. 1 ranking in the welterweight division."

    While Diaz has often talked about a potential move up to 185 pounds, especially if it involved a potential bout with top pound-for-pound fighter and the long-reigning middleweight champ Anderson Silva. However, today call was the first time he mentioned a possible drop to lightweight to challenge for that title, as well.

    The move wouldn't be entirely unprecedented. In the past, Diaz competed for the now-defunct PRIDE and EliteXC organizations. However, those promotions set the lightweight limit at 161 and 160 pounds, respectively. The UFC's lightweight limit is 155 pounds.

    Still, Diaz said he's interested in fighting the very best fighters in the world, regardless of weight class.

    Of course, he'll have exactly that in front of him at next week's "UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz" event, where Diaz (26-8 MMA, 7-5 UFC) meets UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre (23-2 MMA, 18-2 UFC), widely considered one of the sport's top three fighters. St-Pierre has held the UFC's welterweight title since 2008, and he currently boasts six straight title defenses, more than any welterweight champion in UFC history.

    In short, St-Pierre is not the type of opponent to look past. But Diaz said that's simply the way he approaches his career. Sure, he's focused on the task at hand, but there are other challenges ahead. Such is the way of a top martial artist.

    "Me and Georges St-Pierre, we're a lot different," Diaz said. "For me, I look past every opponent because I'm not looking at just one obstacle. I think for me, it's easier to deal with when I accept the fact that I'm never going to get out of this. It's not just a fight, it's fighters.

    "I look past every opponent to get to the No. 1 spot of the welterweight division, and I look further beyond that. If it were up to me, I would take that fight with Anderson Silva. I would say, 'Yeah, of course.' I'm looking for the next best thing, and the next best thing is always the closer fight to the No. 1 fight, and that's what I've been working toward this whole time."

    Cesar Gracie: No Way Dana Lost $50K On Botched Video Shoots With Nick and Nate

    UFC 158 press call: Nick Diaz rips Georges St. Pierre

    Nick Diaz: Everyone knows who I am. It's embarrassing not being in control of looking the way you look or coming off the way you want to come off. I'm happy for it when I'm ready for it. My life's a mess. I'm not afraid to admit it. I work hard regardless through this shit. I don't have people handing me water bottles left and right. I have to do that shit on my own and every day I know that I'm doing it on my own and that's why I know I've got to do it that much harder. I don't have people taking care of my money and my financial obligations what have you. All that stuff that people say is important, fuck that. I'm too busy fighting your fights. This new martial arts works for them when it comes to everybody wantitng to be like GSP and want to be strong and have that fitness and be more explosive and quicker. It's really not what martial arts is about. This is mixed martial arts and that' swhat fans want to see. I've lost a shit load of fights but I'm still here. People want to see real boxing, real traditional jiu-jitsu mixed up. They don't want to see five minutes of holding. I think people should be point deducted for it or running away. You should have to punch me out to beat me. People should be able to see that a little better. Maybe one day.

    I hope so, if I had that much money I'd be pampered the fuck up. There's be people showing up every hour to pamper me the fuck out. Mother fucker I'm not stupid. I can tell what's what.

    Georges St. Pierre: Uneducated fool. Listen to me. You sound pretty smart right now. I'm not always been like this. I've not always been rich. I started form the bottom. I worked really hard to be where I am right now. I know you don't believe this because you didn't succeed yet and maybe you didn't succeed I your life because I don't think you're smart enough to understand to reach this point. When you talk about people doing things for me, you need people to work for you to get the money rolling.

    And this incredible exchange:

    Georges St. Pierre: If you are where you are right now and I am where I am, it's not my fault that you didn't succeed.
    Nick Diaz: I was never putting any blame and pointing fingers at you that it's your fault. Your'e the one rapping about being pampered or not. You don't what it means.

    Georges St. Pierre: I speak English better than you man.

    Nick Diaz: You're out of line straight up. You understand that righ? Your'e rapping that bullshit and you're out of line. I didn't say shit.

    Nick Diaz: I deserve to get beat down, that's what you said right? Honestly, I don't think you deserve to get beat down. I don't' want anybody to get beat down. I'd like to win the fight. You know me real well. You know I deserve to get beat down.

    Georges St. Pierre: Do you seriously believe I'm afraid of you, man?

    Nick Diaz: I believe you believed what you said to the cameras that I deserved to get beat down. You're making those statements to the whole world that I'm a piece of shit that deserves to get beat down and you let Dana say I'm the most disrespectful person you've ever met. I pulled up to a stoplight yesterday and some soccer mom sticks her head out the window and says "I hope GSP beats your ass" I live in a small town full of people that hate me over here. I'm trying to work my way up into a fight. When you say something, everyone believes it. Everyone wants to know what Georges thinks, forget jiu-jitsu, forget boxing, throw a super man punch like Georges. Whatever. That's disrespectful right there. If you want disrespect, that's disrespect right there. That's all I get. That's all I do.

    Georges St. Pierre: Listen to yourself Nick.
    Nick Diaz: I'm this crazy mother fucker. You know where I'm coming from. You're not stupid. You understand every word I'm saying right now. Drop it. I don't deserve to be beat down. You think you're gonna fucking win for whatever fucking reason and that's that. You're number one, you're the best right? I'm the most mother fucking piece of shit out there. That's not the reason why you're fighting. Maybe that's the reason the fans want this fight. I'm the right guy.

    Georges St. Pierre: Yes you are, you're the right guy.

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