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Thread: MMA Elite is stepping up to pay for Mark Coleman's $100k hip replacement surgery

  1. Default MMA Elite is stepping up to pay for Mark Coleman's $100k hip replacement surgery

    Altruistic baller alert: MMA Elite is stepping up to pay for Mark Coleman's $100k hip replacement surgery

    How refreshing is it when good things actually happen to good people? We could post fifty 3-second knockouts and they wouldn't equal the absolute rawesomeness that is MMA Elite paying for Mark Coleman's six-figure hip surgery after The Hammer's insurance lapsed. We hope Mark recovers and employs his new hip on a vast number of new adventures. He'll be part machine now, and one step closer to being an actual T-1000 series Terminator, which only makes him more dangerous. On the subject of movies, the last time Layzie and I met up with Coleman in Mandalay Bay, we discussed life, love and fighting Fedor. In the article, this comment was posted:

    I am a movie producer in Hollywood. I would like to buy the rights to a Mark Coleman biopic starring Vin Diesel. It would be a dramedy on a smallish budget in the style of The Wrestler. Get back to me if there is any interest. Thanks for your time.
    For all we know, that 'Producer' could be Ted Malakhov's basement-dwelling cousin, but regardless of location or existence, dude has a point: The Mark Coleman movie needs to be made. I would watch it. Multiple times, even.

    Until "The Godfather of Ground and Pound: The Mark Coleman Story" is conceptualized and created, watch this emotional interview discussing the removal of wrestling from the Olympics and MMA Elite's generosity.
    When you're down.... you're down 4-Life

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    Emotional Mark Coleman interview:

    When you're down.... you're down 4-Life

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    When the hardtimes hit Coleman, they hit him like a ton of bricks and it is really great to see MMA Elite step up and take care of him, because he's physically broken down.

    I know there are alot of steroid accusations and shady drama around the Hammer House, but Mark was super cool when I met him, so I'm really happy for this. Great news, even if it's for PR.

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    I have a lot of respect for Mark, but holy shit was he drunk or just punchy, or both? Damn, he's never been the most eloquent speaker but he could at least put together a coherent thought the last time I saw him speak,. I have always been somewhat at peace with the sport I choose to love because I've never really seen any of the old guard end up punchy like their counterparts in boxing, i.e. Frazier, Ali etc. I'm not naive enough to think it would never happen but it really is sad to see the "Hammer" in such a state.

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    Mark is a fun guy. I remember bringing him to strip clubs and whore houses when he came to chicago.

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