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Thread: Dos Santos’ Trainer Believes Alistair Overeem Did Not Want to Fight ‘Cigano’

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    I approach everything with Overeem with incredulity as I think he's utterly full of shit.

    I think JDS shreds Overeem whenever they meet and is just an overwhelmingly superior MMA fighter.

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    I'm sure the ufc has these guys checked out so they can't just fake injuries. I'm on the fence about overeems skills. I've only seen a handful of his mma fights personally(lack of interest) and have never been really impressed, but on paper his credentials as awesome. I was really looking forward to this fight, and am bummed it's not goong to happen... Again.

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    His quads were so scared they tried to run away.
    And the piano, it sounds like a carnival
    And the microphone smells like a beer

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleJack View Post
    His quads were so scared they tried to run away.
    ...actually, I've read where tissue can be weakened by acute withdrawal from steroids.

    All manner of men came to work for the News: everything from wild young Turks who wanted to rip the world in half and start all over again -- to tired, beer-bellied old hacks who wanted nothing more than to live out their days in peace before a bunch of lunatics ripped the world in half.

    Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
    The Rum Diary

    wait....did you just say Genki Sudo unretired?

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    I see it as JDS's camp just sending some jab's AO's way to piss him off as he did to JDS. Not reading anything more into it.

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