Cesar Gracie: 2 Weeks Out Nate Didnít Know If His Fight With Henderson Was Really On

Not to be overshadowed by the more immediate, and perhaps more anticipated, matchup between Nick Diaz and GSP are the April fights of Nate Diaz and Gilbert Melendez. These two fighters have long been at the top of the lightweight division, Diaz in the UFC and Melendez in Strikeforce.

On Diazís recent loss to Henderson, Gracie remarked confidently that it was just a learning experience for the young Stockton native. ďHe didnít look good. I donít think it was indicative of who he is, he had a bad night. Not a bad night. Iím not going to say that. He got beat by the better guy that night, for sureÖ You could see it even in the weigh in, with his physique. If you look at the last fight before that, you know. These fighters, they got to prep correctly. There were contractual issues and stuff like that. I mean people donít know this, but literally a couple weeks before the fight Nate wasnít even sure he was fighting. It was that bad. We were having problems with certain things. It got resolved, but you know, itís hard to train for a fight like that with that mentality when youíre not happy with certain things and everything. It was a mistake on his part, you got to just put all that aside and Henderson, thatís what he did, and thatís why heís the champ today. But itís a learning experience and weíre going to move onÖ So it goes for all of us, me, you, Nate. Itís a life experience, heís going to move on from it.Ē
Cesar Gracie is a lying sack of shit who will do anything to deflect the blame. Did you guys know his last name wasn't even Gracie? His mother is Sonja Gracie-Gronning, daughter of Carlos Gracie. So his legal last name isn't Gracie because the Gracie heritage is from his mom's side. He changed his surname to Gracie himself. He was not born a Gracie, he was not asked to become a Gracie.