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Thread: Benson Henderson advocates for blood and random drug testing

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    Default Benson Henderson advocates for blood and random drug testing

    UFC champ Benson Henderson advocates for blood and random drug testing to

    "Iím fine with it if you choose to use [PEDs], because I understand, as a competitor you want to do whatever it is to get you that one little extra edge," Henderson said. "If itís eating Skittles before whatever, Iím going to eat a whole bunch of Skittles before. Whatever it is to get you the edge. For some people itís steroids, for some people itís TRT. Whatever it is. They want that little bit of an edge, especially in our sport, any little edge can give you an advantage. That can be the difference to getting your hand raised or not.

    "But for those guys who need a little extra bump, a little extra edge, they know itís illegal. They know they shouldnít be doing it. Those guys are mentally weaker. They donít have that fortitude to push through and say, ĎYeah, I didnít do this, but Iím still going to beat your butt.í Iím okay with guys taking it, to be honest. If you want to take all the steroids you want, and it cuts off 20 years of your life, but you want that five years of glory -- cool. Thatís your decision. Go ahead and do whatever you want with your body. But itís still not going to pan out for you in the long run, because Iím still going to beat you."

    There have been 11 documented failed drug tests or TRT exemptions handed out by the UFC since October -- a startling high number, but one that only seems to be on the rise.

    After supporting TRT for some time, UFC President Dana White recently took a stand against users of the controversial drug. Believing that fighters are abusing testosterone throughout training camps, only to taper down to reach the legal limit prior to their fight, White ominously promised, "if you are using testosterone replacement therapy, get ready motherf--ker, because we're going to test the s--t out of you."

    Henderson not only supports Whiteís new stance, but the UFC champ would also be in favor of stretching testing one step further to include both blood testing and random testing.

    "Iíd be for increased testing," explained Henderson. "It keeps the playing field even. It makes it so guys have to do a better job of either hiding it, or just not taking it. I think a lot of guys would actually just do a better job of hiding. Like guys in the NFL, some get busted, but the guys who get busted are just the, not very intelligent ones, because itís not the hardest thing just to time it correctly to where you donít get caught whenever you get tested.

    "That being said, Iíd be for more rigorous testing. They want the blood doping testing? We can do that, too. Iím cool with that. Random testing? Iíd be for that.

    "Iím all for any testing," Henderson finished. "Random, blood testing; whatever you want to do, letís do it, because for me, I never even considered it."
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    Wasn't a rod doing these kind of interviews?

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    Speaking as someone who has been subjected to random drug testing, if you have nothing to hide, it's really no big deal. I'm all for it.

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    So if I don't sin, when I die, I go to Canada? Right?

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