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Thread: Georges St-Pierre thinks Weidman won't just beat Anderson Silva, he'll finish him

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    Default Georges St-Pierre thinks Weidman won't just beat Anderson Silva, he'll finish him

    UFC President Dana White still insists Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva is going to happen. It's a dubious claim by now, though if the long-debated superfight ever does come to fruition, at that point it may not be so super. Or, at least it won't be if St-Pierre's prediction proves true.

    That's because the UFC welterweight champion firmly believes the undefeated Chris Weidman -- currently listed as a 2-to-1 underdog -- won't just stun the world, he'll also do so in dramatic fashion.

    "I believe [Weidman] is going to beat Anderson Silva," St-Pierre declared to Canada's Sportsnet. "I believe it's a bad matchup for Anderson Silva. It's very bad.

    "Not only is he going to beat, I believe he is going to finish Anderson Silva. I believe it's not going to be too long, that fight. This, people will be shocked."
    The 37-year-old Silva hasn't truly lost in nine years, a stretch of time that spans 20 fights. Meanwhile, the 28-year-old has racked up an impressive 9-0 record since turning pro four years ago.

    So what do you think, folks? Is St-Pierre onto something here? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Now let's get to some headlines.
    Georges and I usually see eye-to-eye on things, but not this time. People will be shocked at how bad AS beats Weidman.

    (for riv)
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