Huge fan of his from way back when Karo Parisyan was wrecking havoc at 170 in the UFC. Diaz was a fun fighter to watch and had his antics and all that but had great "technical" (adopted for) mma boxing and sweet wars against the Heat, the "Nightmare" (lawls the "dream"?), Diesel (epic post-fight fight), etc. FAVORITE FIGHT (probably) of mine is Diaz/Gomi and it's what I showcase to people to see the best example of MMA! He developed a peculiar persona and all that in EliteXC/Strikeforce era with his face offs with Shamrock, KJ Noons (epic fight!), Deni, Smith, Cyborg, Sakurai and became very outspoken about certain "issues" in the "sport". However, I never thought he was off-base with some stuff he said about rules for example.

Now, he's been given a nice platform to vent and spew some of his opinions, although he always had those niche interviews on MMA Junkie or Weekly or something, marijuana use, roids, 209, CGJJ and the rants.

However, he makes some great points;

1. I won't go into testing because we're going to get all of our google and some medical background powers, BUT it's no secret that testing is both a. EXPENSIVE AS HE1111111111, aaannnndddd always trying to catch up to the current off-label substances. That's just how it is, unfortunately. Also, there's TESTING and the illusion of "proper" testing. The latter, for financial, political, convenience reasons, what occurs pretty much always.

and, as I've stated in another thread, taken from the UFC 158 press conference, apparently/supposedly no one ever tested positive in Montreal, Quebec, Canada since...ever? Not limited to but including one Matt Riddle, who during a course of a 3 fight period testing positive for the preceding and following fights for marijuana but not in Canada hmmm conspiracy theory alert

2. He's WRONG when he says no there's no martial arts in MMA. In fact, look at all the champions;

Cain Valesquez, mid-size HW who moves like a MW.

Jon Jones, not the "explosive athlete" (although he's a great athlete i'm sure) uses his length and reach and unorthodox "spinning sh*t", as Nick would say, to his advantage. He's not this meathead dry humper that Diaz would have people believe are running amok in the UFC/MMA

...Anderson Silva, foot-uppercut...nuff said

GSP...we'll skip this one

Benson - beast, although athletic before him both BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar, were average and small, respectively, lightweights and did their thaaang with swag and technique. Especially pre-Marinovich-era BJ/Diego Sanchez fights.

Aldo, KOd Chad Mendes who would on paper be able to drag it to the ground and do that wrestler-boxer shtick.

Cruz - technician like Diaz is
Baro-beast-mode activate + sniffing some feral cats (taxoplasmosis joke)

Mighty Mouse....aight, that shit is way too fast, I'm good.