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Thread: Dana White Reveals an Offer to Fight Vince McMahon

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    Let's make it a fatal four way MMA fight at Wrestlemania. Vince vs Dana vs Tito vs Hulk Hogan at MSG. Fuck it, lets make it an inferno match.

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    I think Vince would totally do it and I think he's actually planning on it for Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans. Vince would put Dana over in the match, no doubt as he has recently with an old, broken down Bret Hart, Hogan, and had Trump shave his head.

    As much as he makes an ass of himself on TV, Vince is all about entertaining his fans and goes to great lengths to do so. He's had many athletes and representatives from all over the entertainment industry come in and the WWE makes them look like a BILLION dollars (SEE: Lawrence Taylor, Donald Trump, Rob Dyrdek, Maria Menous, Snooki, Mayweather, Akebono, Hugh Jackman, etc.).

    I'm saying Dana White will be at Wrestlemania 30 and a lot of the best fighters will be on display for the event as well.

    Vrrooom! Vrroooom!

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    Would be as interesting to me as a hockey player crossing over to cricket.

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