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Thread: UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz

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    What is a wolf ticket for?
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    It's pretty awesome actually. It gets you in to pretty much most places. And chicks really dig those wolf tickets as well. I just happen to have an extra one (got it from a friend who didn't need it anymore), and I'll sell it to you for half price...
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    St Pierre looked amazing last night, really amazing!!

    The way he controlled Nick Diaz was awesome. Nick was trying tons of stuff and GSP nulified everything. Also Nick is supposed to be one of the best boxers in MMA, and GSP outstruck him. There was a little moment in the 3rd round when Nick landed some consecutive shots, but other than that, GSP tagged him a lot more.

    No point in making a rematch (But we are talking about the UFC here, so you never know). If Diaz wants to retire, then go ahead.

    BTW the Diaz brothers should invent something new if they want to anger their opponents. Their bullshit of dropping hands and taunting the opponent does not work at all for anyone anymore. They are like idiots talking shit at the middle of the fight and their opponents are simply tagging them over and over again.
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    I'm not mad Sakara, just disappointed...but then again not really because I knew this would happen.

    Saying I could come off better if I don't make excuses just makes you look like you don't know what your talking about. I said Georges has looked better as well, I expected him to win this fight. I'm just personally not that impressed with the way he usually wins, just my opinion. Georges was checking the clock by the 3rd round. Come on man, he's the main event, try and do a little more damage, fight hard the whole fight...

    But I will agree that Diaz makes way too many excuses. Says he fights too much when he's fighting often, says he came out flat because of a layoff after a long lay off lol. And he obviously has no reason to parade for a rematch after not having an answer for GSP's wrestling. I'm still a fan though and GSP is excellent at what he does so it's not like there's much shame in this loss. Him vs Kampmann would be beast if he sticks around a little longer.
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    I hope this isn't too big, because it's awesome.

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