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Thread: co-ed TUF

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    At the elite level if you think a 135# cast member would walk through Rousey just because he's a male. climb out from behind your bush.
    Some of the best coaches can't do it but can teach you better than someone who can.
    I've worked with some bad ass women before pound for pound nothing less than a man. A few also introduced me to there

    Look at what someone can do over not do and life will be better.

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    This will appeal heavily to the casual fans and the reality TV lovers. I bet this will be the best rated tuf ever! To bad its going to suck ass!

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    Big Brother: UFC Edition.
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    This Ultimate Fighter is an ingenious way to market and establish WMMA. It will create tons of drama that we love.

    Quote Originally Posted by H0SS View Post
    I think the lowest ranked 135 lbs male in the UFC would absolutely dominate/demolish the top 135 lbs female. It would not even be a competitive fight.

    I realize the female coaches will bring in their own coaching team to assist, but I still can't take a female coaching men serious. There is a reason why we have a lower fitness standard for women in law enforcement/military/etc...

    Who's to say that the females cannot have more knowledge and technique then a man? Females can be a good coach if the the male isn't too stubborn. Sure, they are more rare but it's not implausible.

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