Georges St-Pierre Denies to Steroid Allegations |

St-Pierre strongly denied those allegations during the UFC 158 post-fight press conference following Saturdays event in Montreal.

Ive never took steroids in my life. Im for Olympic testing in my sport. Im up to do the tests, the Olympic tests. I have no problem with that. Im not a cheater. I never cheat in my sport, said St-Pierre.

UFC president Dana White refuted the allegations following the UFC 158 pre-fight press conference.

The guy has fought a million times in title fights, and mostly guys in title fights are the ones who get tested. Hes never tested positive for anything, said White. Never been busted for anything.

The UFC welterweight titleholder isnt only for more rigorous drug testing, he opposes the use of testosterone replacement therapy used by many fighters.

Im against TRT. Im against all this, and if you want my opinion, you can test me anytime, not problem. Im for the testing, anti-doping. I think it should be more regulated, he stated without hesitation.

St-Pierre, always looking for the positive, took the steroid allegations as a compliment.

For me, I take that as a compliment. You think Im a good athlete, so in his mind he says, he needs to be on steroids because hes athletic. For me, I take that as a compliment. It boosts my confidence by saying that.