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Thread: Ben Askren: “I am 100% sure I could beat GSP.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. MMA View Post
    I don't think Ellenberger fights that dumb. In he last few fights, he fought well even though he got caught against Kampmann. He knows what GSP will do; try to take him down which is actually incredibly tough against Ellenberger. We all know that Ellenberger has the wrestling skills, but I think Ellenberger has better explosiveness in his hips than guys like Hendricks or Fitch or Kos to stop the takedown. On the feet, GSP will be very cautious but Ellenberger has been showing some solid technique, speed and power in his hands. He however needs to check the kicks better. I agree with you about his cardio; this has always been a concern.

    The reason I like Ellenberger over Hendricks is mainly based on his technique and defense, as other aspects are quite similar. Hendricks has struck gold with his leaping left hooks with his chin out, but one day he may pay for that. Ellenberger doesn't make those mistakes when throwing power.
    I'll concede that Maia is a viable threat to GSP considering how great he's looked since the drop, however I also don't see GSP taking too many more fights after Hendricks at WW, so much of my stance on a GSP/Maia matchup is, like Rory, a fight I don't see happening. That said, I really think GSP's cardio and timing on the feet and constant movement from the periphery are something that Maia won't be able to compete with. I see Maia trying to come in for a trip and eating shots. Maybe I'm downgrading Fitch and Story, but GSP is a far superior athlete and I think he outworks Maia to levels we haven't seen before....

    As for Ellenberger, while he looked great in the Nate fight and is probably one of the most dangerous 2 round fighters, he gave away the Kampmann fight and nearly threw away the Diego fight because of his cardio. I think he gives fighters too many looks and I think GSP outworks him and breaks him down to time his strikes, gas him and then score an armbar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Muss View Post
    Wow I wonder how many people wouldn't fall asleep during that fight
    It happened to me during GSP vs Shields. First time I ever fell asleep watching a live fight.
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    See Koscheck fights.
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    I would love to see mop top fight GSP and get thouroughly schooled and humilated. I'm thinking Aoki vs Melendez, but much more embarrasing.....
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    I decided to read some of Askren's twitter posts and man that guy trolls hard!

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