Aaron Simpson Doesn

Aaron Simpson will begin life after the UFC against Josh Burkman on March 23 at World Series of Fighting 2. The undercard streams live and free on Sherdog.com.

Ahead of the bout, he joined the Sherdog Radio Networkís ďCheap SeatsĒ show to discuss his opponent, WSOF and more.

On Burkman: ďJosh is seasoned. Heís been in the game for a long time. Heís got some great wins and heís well rounded. I think maybe the most intriguing thing about the fight is in a lot of my fights, Iíve looked to exploit weaknesses and I donít really see a weakness with Josh Burkman. Itís an interesting fight for me.Ē

On WSOF: ďI think what the World Series of Fighting is doing is big. Think of the names that are coming in. I think itís the biggest talk right now in MMA besides obviously the UFC and their cards. Theyíre the new biggest thing, and the names theyíre bringing in is exciting.Ē

On WSOF signing Fitch: ďThat is a big thing for me. Jon and I were supposed to fight in the UFC, and he pulled out with an injury. Itís kind of a long time coming in a way. Weíll see. Iíve got a guy to fight right now, but itís definitely nice to know that the World Series is moving in the right direction and they want to be a competitor. Theyíre doing the right things to get themselves out there and bringing the right people in and surrounding themselves with the right fighters. Iím excited.Ē

On dropping to 170 pounds: ďI should have done this from the beginning. Things happen for a reason, and I met George Lockhart for a reason, to get this weight off, and be able to get down to 170, but I should have done it from the beginning. That being said, Iíve fought a lot of big dudes. It seems like everybody I fought in the UFC were 205 pounders at one time, dropping down, and I was a small 185. I had some success, a fair amount of success there. Guys like Mark Munoz, I felt like it could have went either way. Guy like Ronny Markes, who had almost 30 pounds on me, I feel could have gone either way. That being said, Iím at the perfect weight now and Iím excited to be where I am at 170.

On getting cut from the UFC: ďIt kind of threw me for a little bit that we had to do the contract deal with the UFC because I feel I can still beat anybody in the world at welterweight. Iím fast enough, Iím strong enough. Iím not moving old and rickety. When I get out there, Iím pretty fluid with everything Iím doing.Ē