You have visited many cities in Russia with workshops now. What do you say about Russia, what impressions? Like that, what is not?

- It is not like the traffic jams (smiles). It turned out that there are traffic jams in Sochi and St. Petersburg and Moscow. But more surprised that they are in Sochi.
And like (pause) ... people. You know, I've heard the expression, that - "Russia is a country of mystery shrouded in mystery." In Russia and Europe combined, and Asia, no other country in the world is not such a change. It is unique. There are people of different races, they belong together and are united into one great culture. Culture is not like the others. This is very interesting.
And another thing (starts talking enthusiastically) people here are very generous. I've got a lot of gifts piled on unfamiliar people. I was invited to the house, threw open its doors, were very welcoming to me. Is this a joke or the truth that you want to receive Russian citizenship?

- No, it's not a joke. I'm working on it. Want. I am looking for an opportunity. Tell me, in your opinion, what are the main differences between the U.S. and Russia.

- This is of course subjective ... but ... I think that in Russia people are more stringent. Not in terms of rudeness or anything like that ... just have more difficult conditions in life. Maybe because of the weather. Maybe because of the history. You've had a lot of wars. A long history of the state. You had to fight a lot. And I think that you are more capable of something. America, it is more mild.
Russian are able to perform more complex actions, to pass more complex tests and move on. And another thing, the political stuff. America, she is trying to become an empire. We have military bases all over the world hundred pieces - one hundred and fifty. We are trying to control the world. In Russia, the army is not of this kind. It is not aimed at the world. This is also a big difference. And what is like our country?

- Yes, just like all people. Those who build roads, work in hospitals, teaching children and others. It does not matter you're Russian or American. You just do your job every day. Here no differences. We are all one class of people and we have to stick together. USSR. How did you imagine? And represented at all?

- Yes, I thought about it. It was during my childhood. I imagine this is what it was like in the Soviet Union. But in the U.S. there was a sea of ​​propaganda, of course we did not know exactly how it was in reality. Yes, we just had everything. We were talking about you, too, all on TV talking about.

- Yes, we were on opposite sides of the Iron Curtain. I thought you had a government that suppresses the people ... Yes, in fact, all governments are all not give full freedom of citizens. We have the same problem actually.
They told us that in the Soviet Union were all starving, people stand in line for bread, that communism is bad ... Unfortunately, something your propaganda is not lying.

- Yes, yes. I know.

Saurce sorze

I bold-d the part that made me laugh because it seemed like a sort of pwnage...