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Thread: Hendricks' hand not broken, wants GSP in August

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    Hendricks couldn't even beat off GSP let alone beat him in a fight.
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    This summer we get to see 3 of the 4 pound for pound kings of MMA fight legit threats I think my summer long MMA woody has already started.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDoucheyWun View Post
    Anyone calling Weidman or Hendricks another statistic is a FUCKIN MORON IMHO.
    Well they are, we will re-visit this thread at the end of the Summer so i can throw it in your face.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorPunch View Post

    I get annoyed by the quasi-tough guy talking about how badly a challenger will lose. They've earned the shot, they're dangerous, and they deserve some respect for it.

    That said, I still see Silva and GSP as HUGE favorites.
    So because Hendricks earned the shot and has a good left hand we should just forget about the greatness that is GSP? Theres a reason why he doesnt lose fights, or even ROUNDS for that matter. Hes on his own planet compared to anyone else at 170 pounds and thats why at the end of the day he (Hendricks) will just be another W on the long list of wins for the WW Champ.


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    Quote Originally Posted by The8thPlague View Post
    That's very good to hear, because his wrestling and punching power is much better than GSP's and I can see him taking the belt.
    He lacks technicality, reach, and speed, but if he catches GSP with any of the punches he caught Condit with it's Night Night for the Champ.

    Top tier opponents always look great until they fight Gsp. Alves looked unstoppable but left the fight crying. diaz looked unstoppable on the feet and gsp stood with him for 13 minutes and i believe he beat him in those 13 mins. Gsp. Kos was thought as Gsps weakness with his wwresling and look what happened. Gsp will stick and move and when Hendricks throws will scoop him up and elbow through the canvas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDoucheyWun View Post
    Everyone thought Shogun was the baddest mother fucker at LHW after he won the title and everyone believed he should fight AS and alot of peoples were thinking he could also beat AS..Guess what JJ showed up and now he's the dominant guy no 1 can beat.

    So who the fuck is to say that some guy cant come along and beat GSP and fill his shoes, Same goes for AS?

    Changing of the gaurd happens quite a bit in this sport, Nobody is invincible and there is always going to be someone out there whom is better then the next guy or whom can beat him.

    Weidman/Hendricks are going to be the WW and MW champions toughest tests in quite sometime and if either one of thees'e guys or both become champ this year I wouldn't be surprised.

    Anyone calling Weidman or Hendricks another statistic is a FUCKIN MORON IMHO.
    Completely different scenarios. Comparing Shoguns UFC career to Silvas or GSP is laughable. Shogun has always looked beatable in the UFC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPeezy View Post
    Another intelligent contribution by CTGreat.

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    Hell, I didn't even see Hendricks beat Condit, now he's going to take the belt? He's got a Serra's chance, just like every other fighter that steps in the octagon. Everyone wants to begrudgingly call GSP one of the greatest. As if in the back of their mind because he doesn't submit or KO every opponent he doesn't deserve it, as if decisions don't really count, except he just keeps winning.
    12 goddamned title defenses against THE best they have to offer, AFTER beating the greatest welterweight of all time in Hughes who was still beating asses at the time (Hughes was 41-4 and on a 6-0 tear at the time with 3 subs, 2 TKOs and a decision). When is last time GSP was even in trouble, in any round? I honestly cannot remember. And every time it's always some specialist who's going to finish his reign, Fitch will out-wrestle, Koscheck will out-wrestle and he has some power, Diaz will out box and then dominate the ground, goddamned Penn!?!
    Hendricks is the flavor of the month who has everyone's panties all wet because he's KO'd a couple midcard fighters. Yeah, get mad and tell me how good Fitch and Kampmann are, then tell me how many title fights they've had...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bork_Lazer View Post
    In my head I want to think that Hendricks poses a legit threat to GSP like I wanted to think that Diaz did. But in reality I knew that GSP was going to grind Diaz down and I think that GSP will break Hendricks mentally within the first two rounds. First Hendricks will find out that he can't land a power shot on GSP because of his quick jab and a really good outside game, that will lead him to try and grapple GSP and will also soon find out that GSP can out grapple him. By the third round he will look paralyzed as he is running out of ideas on what to do.

    Honestly I think the WW that poses the biggest threat to GSP is Maia, because Maia is outstanding in one aspect of the game, for the first time we would see someone who would actually want to take the fight to the ground with GSP. Hendricks is a great fighter with all around skill but not better than GSP in any one are (except punching power), so I dont give him much of a chance.
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    I think gsp is going to win the stand up and stuff a lot of Hendricks takedowns. Gsp may get a few of his own, but if he doesn't get tagged I think it will look a lot like the kos fight.

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