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Thread: The best fight that never happened

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    Default The best fight that never happened

    On my blog, I wrote an entry over MMA fights that had potential to be one of the greatest fights of all time, but for some reason or another never happened. For the complete list, please visit my blog at Mixed Martial Arts

    The number one spot on my list is Rickson Gracie Vs. Kazushi Sakuraba. I think this is the best one because it had the potential to show that BJJ was not as effective as everyone previously thought or prove its dominance against tough competition.

    What do you guys think? What is the greatest MMA fight that never happened?

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    CroCop and Couture!
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    Fedor vs Couture


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    Shogun and Wand in pride in 2006!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. MMA View Post
    Shogun and Wand in pride in 2006!
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    there a couple guys that were offered to rickson but he wanted millions
    sakuraba, wand, and bas rutten all would have been great
    wasnt there a time when anderson said he would fight fedor?

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    Well im going to say fedor vs barnett, not only because that was an awesome fight at the time, but because if it actually happened we may have got to see some more amazing affliction events.

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    For awhile Hughes was going to fight Franklin after TUF 2

    Andersonb v Fedor

    Anderson v Shogun

    Randy v Fedor
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    Frank Shamrock vs Bas Rutten in the SEG era UFC.

    They fought in Pancrase before but obviously the rules would be completely different now and they had both evolved their game tremendously. It was the fight that was being rumored after Shamrock defended his title against Ortiz but never came to fruition because of his 'retirement'.

    I would have loved to seen this, would have been a legitimate super fight, and it's unfortunate that it didn't happen. Pure speculation, but I think Shamrock would have taken it, he was on another level during his title run.
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    Genki Sudo and BJ Penn 2006

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