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Thread: An Open Letter to Andrei Arlovski

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    Default An Open Letter to Andrei Arlovski

    Mr. Arlovski,

    I got into MMA back when you were lighting the world on fire. Perhaps that is why I have always had a special place for you in my heart.
    You are one of my all time favourite fighters.
    And every time you fight, I tune in, with butterflies in my stomach, hoping to see you work your way back to the top.

    But every time, I'm left with the same feeling. Whether you win, or whether you lose, I always wonder "what happened"?

    Tonight, as I watched you fight Rumble... more than ever I sat wondering, "What happened"?
    When did you equate MMA with boxing?

    Are you aware that you are allowed to wrestle? Or throw more kicks than just leg kicks? How do you expect to win a fight when you seem to be constantly looking to just throw one or two medium strength counter punches?

    Do you not have a Sambo background?

    Where is the killer instinct? The urgency? The hunger?

    Cat Smasher, Luc1an, Disposable Assassin, Pasha K, and everyone else... what are your thoughts on this?

    What happened to Arlovski?
    And for a guy who trains with Greg Jackson... have you ever seen ANYONE from that camp who is so one dimensional? (Because I haven't! Like him or not, Jackson is great at getting his fighters to mix it up)

    I don't think I can take another half hearted Arlovski fight!

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    I miss the early 2000's Arlovski too man.
    You have to know what you don't know.

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    well first off i dont like jackson's mma, specifically i dont like what is does to fighters, they dont train guys to be finishers at that gym, the guys who are finishers at that gym were born that way or breed somewhere else.

    now i personally didnt think AJ got the better of AA except for one exchange at the end of rd 1, i dont think aj was going to finish him. I agree with you that the sambo game needs to come out more but he was throwing leg kicks and a very lazy spinning kick it wasnt all boxing but given thats what he likes im not surprised. He protected himself from the take down and did a great job blocking the kicks. The commentary seemed to give AJ credit for throwing combos that were mostly blocked or missed. It was a close fight and im okay with AJ winning but its no big deal. They were tasked with giving the fans a good fight and it worked.
    AA's chin held up just fine I hope they sign barnett or some other castoff maybe crocop comes out of semi-retirement on second thought wsof cant afford either of them. I hear there's another Johnson on the market he'll fight for cheap.

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    LMFAO Arlovski faught with UFC gloves on tonight!!


    Got a lot of soul searching to do. Sorry to everyone I've let down

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    I agree with your thoughts. For the first time ever I would like to hear from Greg Jackson about something. What does AA train at Jackson's? He certainly doesn't use Greg for game planning. He had a lot of fire back in the day but his spirit steadily seems to be diminishing. He didn't even seem to be thinking out there tonight. I felt like he was on auto pilot. He used to really attack people.

    Personally I think he still wants it, he just seems to lack faith in his ability to win. I don't know. Maybe I should've taken a night to think on it after this fight, but this is where I stand right now.
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    Whatever floats your boat man...

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    Man, that is hard to watch. He doesn't even step into his punches anymore. It's like he is afraid to get hit; he's always tentative. He's a different fighter ever since his nose was smashed.

    "He ainít got to worry about retiring. When they get through with his ass, he will be retired. He will be retired fucking with them motherfuckers. They would love to fight him. This ainít no fucking boxing; ainít none of these motherfuckers scared of his ass"

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    I love Arlovski, however I'm putting him into the Vera file, as a fighter who I think will never match their initial promise, although unlike Vera, I think too much has been expected from Arlovski (I don't want to say overrated) from us over the years and when you really analyze his record, it isn't on par with his PRIDE counterparts of the same era and when you look at the modern era, there's just not enough in Arlovski to make a GREAT fighter.

    For me, he's got alot of great tools to be one of the best "in theory", but he's an incredibly mentally weak fighter and always has been and I think we're expecting too much out of him. I REALLY don't like saying this because I'm a fan of his, but you can see it in his losses way back when to Ricco and Rizzo, where he just gets broken down, dragged into deep waters and finished. Sure, you can chock it up to him being young and inexperienced, but when you look at the second Sylvia fight, you can see his mental slip ups, ditto the Fedor fight. But when you really break down his record(like I did prior to the Fedor fight), there isn't alot of EXCELLENT wins on his record to hold him in super high regard as a HW. You've got the first Sylvia win, the Janitor win(who is best suited for LHW) and a bunch of middle of the pack guys like Freeman, Eilers, Cabbage and Buentello that makes up his run towards the title, not TOO impressive by any stretch.

    From here, really go back and find a fight where Arlovski looked genuinely good, like TOP TIER good. I want to lie to myself and say, he's got the talent he just needs__________, but when you look back:
    He went to a decision with Mike Hayes
    He was getting roughed up by Sylvia in their fourth fight.
    He had to go into the third round TWICE in his ProElite fights and again, didn't do much of anything prior to the finishes against mid to low range fighters.

    Then you have the four straight losses, he WAS winning the Fedor fight until the mental slip, but he got trounced by a very rusty Kharitonov and a VERY one dimensional and raw Brett Rogers and had a helluva stinker against Bigfoot, where he looked flat as all hell.

    Before that he was on a decent win streak with wins over:
    Roy Nelson(which, if you consider that HORRID standup, isn't impressive at all)
    Ben Rothwell-Good win
    Jake O'Brien- Ugly fight where Andrei cruised and looked flat against a far inferior challenger.
    Werdum- Total snoozefest where Andrei played it safe.

    That would take us ALL THE WAY BACK to Pe De Pano Cruz for a genuine "Pitbull" win and again, Cruz is horrible on his feet and got most of his steam from the Mir upset. Prior to that, is the Sylvia trilogy and we all know how that went.

    Endgame, at least for me, is that Arlovski, while a fan favourite, has never really been as high as we've hyped him and I'm hesitant to say he's "overrated" because I think he has alot of talent, but he's CONSISTENTLY, throughout his career had fights where he just looks lost and just shoots air balls. His flashes of brilliant violence were often against mid-tier scrubs, his chin has always been an issue(he had Tim in the rematch, but mental slip ups plus his chin killed it) and has made him tentative. Thus, when you really break down his career, I think we've expected too much out of him, ESPECIALLY since we want him to comeback and be the old Pitbull, who I think was subject to an era where the best HWs didn't fight in the UFC(like Sylvia).

    Arlovski is a big star and a cool guy to cheer for, but at 34, he looks a bit doughy and I'd say tonight was his last chance to prove he's a relevant HW. Rumble should've been beaten, if not by Andrei's size and technical striking, then by his sambo, clinchwork and submissions and he failed. His inability to look as good as he SHOULD is nothing new, but this time was against a guy, who shouldn't even be fighting at HW and Andrei was handedly beaten.

    Sorry for the long post, but as an Arlovski fan, tonight was rough to watch, but if I'm being HONEST, I think fans of Andrei want more out of him than he has, both mentally and technically.

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    I'm going to cut him some slack since pretty sure his jaw is broken and several teeth knocked out

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    "To be truly walking on the warrior's path, we have to bring our minds back to the time when we were not ashamed of our dreams; when reality had not yet frustrated our ambitions; when our desire was still too strong to be repressed, and our spirit refused to surrender in resignation; when we were not yet doctors, businessmen, or lawyers, but still wanted to be heroes, leaders, bodhisattvas. The first step on the way to being warriors is to get back in touch with our dreams."

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    You guys all make some excellent points. Fedorlei... I especially like what you said. And when you really look at it like that... I can agree with what you are saying.

    Another good point raised was that Arlovski DID defend the takedown and avoid most of Rumble's punches... which is true.

    But that's not my real criticism. What bothers me, is that although Arlovski did a bunch of stuff to not LOSE the fight (which he did anyways) he didn't really do anything to WIN the fight! And there's a difference. An important one.

    Thanks for the posts guys... I genuinely wanted to hear what people thought. Because for a while there, I felt like I was taking crazy pills or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fedorlei Gomipierre View Post
    But when you really break down his record(like I did prior to the Fedor fight), there isn't alot of EXCELLENT wins on his record to hold him in super high regard as a HW. You've got the first Sylvia win, the Janitor win(who is best suited for LHW) and a bunch of middle of the pack guys like Freeman, Eilers, Cabbage and Buentello that makes up his run towards the title, not TOO impressive by any stretch.
    He beat werdum and roy nelson. Not exactly the highest ranked guys at the time, but when he was on that winning streak it was hard not to think he was champion material. I will always be a fan of his and keep hoping to see that vicious arlovski from back in the day, but at this point I agree that it isn't looking too good for him.

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