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2 and 3 are myths and have been consistently proven as not true....especially number 3...so I eat a natural diet yet I need to go out and buy "supplements"? I bet you anything that the source is in someway financed by a supplement company.
this is a topic of controversy for every diet, the paleo diet in particular. another thing to consider is that toxic environment modern humans live in, (looking past the shitty diets most people have, you have to consider the abnormal sleep patterns, air pollution, household toxins like glues and resins in building supplies/carpets, and the offset vitamin d production from so much artificial light and staying up all night). all that considered, certain strong arguments can be made for supplementation. personally, i stay more or less on the paleo diet, avoiding as much sugar and enriched carbs as i can, (though since i'm very active between bjj, weight training and biking everywhere, i'll consume rice and sweet potatoes a good deal). completely ignoring the glycemic index, the toxin and allergen levels of food greatly affect the eater.... so i give those just as much consideration as the macronutrients.

anyway, long story short, the basic pillars of nutrition for me:

about 70% of my diet is veg. i focus on green leafies, with different carbs sources like carrots and winter squashes, and avocado and coconut for fat. for fruit, i consume a lot of grapefruit, but avoid the higher sugar fruits. i also make batches of my own kimchee once a month or so, which act as an inexpensive veg staple for me.

with the exception of rice, i don't consume much if any grain. it sucks that i love beer so much... i miss it, and if i give in at any time, it's usually for a beer.

my biggest protein source is probably free-range eggs, or fish. i eat a lot of tilapia just because i'm pretty poor at the moment... though once i'm better off financially i'll source something better. i'll eat meat often enough, (not quite every day), but can't afford to have a whole buffalo on hand at all times like the paleo guys would suggest.

i avoid sugar, but godammit i need my maple syrup. i use stevia to sweeten things like shakes or hot chocolate.

dairy is something i'm experimenting with. i pretty much stopped drinking milk and consuming cheese, or most any dairy beside grass-fed butter. i'm adding it back into my diet to see how if affects my digestive tract, and perhaps more importantly, cognitive function. if anything can improve my mental performance, that's arguably a better reason to pursue it than stomach health.