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I'm assuming you are referencing the weigh-in video posted by the Diaz camp. What did he do wrong in that instance and why would he be accused of cheating?

I'm pretty sure GSP wasn't trying to endorse Imperial Japan when he put on that gi made by one of his sponsors. Now that it has been brought to his attention, do you guys think he'll wear it again?

Also, at least he wasn't stupid enough to get something like a "Brown Pride" tattoo on his chest...
DAMN YOU HOSS!!! Why must you use logic when writing your posts?!? Isnt it clear that GSP came in over weight, loaded his hand wraps, used unfair jedi mind tricks and soooooo much more during the Diaz fight. Now this?!? GSP must be a supporter of Imperial Japan...it would explain everything that has taken place leading up the fight and the events after as well.

WAR GSP and his hatred towards Koreans!!