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Thread: TKZ to GSP: Rising sun on walkout gi is symbol of war crimes

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    You make money in business by offending as few as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamikazi42 View Post
    Thanks for the clarification. I wasn't quite sure how Nazis got hold of the symbol unless there were Buddhist/Hindu Nazis... so that clears that up.
    Scythians are a broad term used for nomadic people who spread across Europe and Asia about the Vedic period in India. Much of their culture is lost in pre-written history, they show up in Greek and Roman literature as that was being established. Many pre-history theoriticians feel they were the source of a lot of cultures, including the Picts, Celts and the early Germanic and Nomadic tribes, as distinctive spirals and knotwork--including versions of the swastika--art can be found in the earliest examples of all those cultures. It's a bit controversial, but there is a lot of circumstancial evidence that they spread incredibly wide across the known continents...a few years ago, natural mummies were found in northern china with scythian-type tattooing that were dated something around 4000 years old.

    Many historians feel like this influence would explain the commonalities in artwork--again, including the swastika--in a variety of cultures in very different locations.

    All manner of men came to work for the News: everything from wild young Turks who wanted to rip the world in half and start all over again -- to tired, beer-bellied old hacks who wanted nothing more than to live out their days in peace before a bunch of lunatics ripped the world in half.

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    Ryo Chonan: 'People complaining about the Rising Sun flag are idiots' - Mixed Martial Arts News
    “All the people complaining about the Rising Sun flag are idiots," said Chonan. "Learn history! Even though that might be too much for you idiots.

    "I don’t care about the comfort women, go make more statues in Korea. Japan is too busy.

    "There is a lot of exaggerations and anti-Japanese education in regards to Japanese involvement in World War II.

    "Japan actually helped Korea and made it a developed country. Also when Japan was there Korea was not divided between North and South.”

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    "I don’t care about the comfort women, go make more statues in Korea. Japan is too busy.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Donosaur View Post
    I'm no doctor, and probably not even particularly smart...

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