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Thread: Melvin Guillard leaves the Blackzillians and reuintes with Greg Jackson

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    Default Melvin Guillard leaves the Blackzillians and reuintes with Greg Jackson

    Melvin Guillard ‏@Young__Assassin 25m
    Im no longer a blackzillian I went back to where I belong Jackson's:-):-):-):-):-)
    Add this to the long list of things that went wrong for the Blackzillians. Good to see the young assassin go back to jackson's. He was a completely different fighter there than when he was a Blackzillian.
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    Maybe a case of "if you can't beat em join em?"

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    So if I don't sin, when I die, I go to Canada? Right?

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    I hope he makes one more good run and become at least a top contender in the division. Also, for the love of god...... TRAIN EXTRA HARD ON HIS GROUND GAME!
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    About damn time. I honestly don't understand why he ever left Jacksons. Furthermore, despite the big names training at Imperial; they dont have a very good track record.
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