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Thread: Chael Sonnen: Jake Ellenberger Should Be Fighting GSP Instead of Johny Hendricks

  1. Default Chael Sonnen: Jake Ellenberger Should Be Fighting GSP Instead of Johny Hendricks

    Chael Sonnen: Jake Ellenberger Should Be Fighting GSP Instead of Johny Hendricks

    Speaking from his TV job as an analyst for FUEL TV at the post-UFC 158 show, "The American Gangster" expressed his belief that Jake Ellenberger, not Johny Hendricks, should be the next challenger to Georges St-Pierre's welterweight title (transcription via Yahoo! Sports).

    "I will see your power of Johny Hendricks, and I will raise you three extra knockouts in the first round by Jake Ellenberger," Sonnen said. "And yes, Hendricks has been on fire, but he has not done the work that Ellenberger has done, and he has not beat the guys that Ellenberger's beat ... He is fantastic. I will not take a thing away from Johny Hendricks, but to overlook 'The Juggernaut,' who's been in there against top contenders in Carlos Condit, in Jake Shields, in Nate Marquardt, all who've fought for titles, to dismiss him is inappropriate."
    While Ellenberger is ranked number four in the UFC's official rankings and is the winner of eight of his past nine fights, he has lost against all three opponents he has in common with Hendricks.

    Ellenberger has lost a split decision to Condit, while "Big Rig" owns a split decision victory over "The Natural Born Killer."
    I like Jake, and I realize he and Chael have trained together, but he is dead wrong about this.
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    You got to look at Sonnens angle what he wants. It appears he's freinds with Jake atleast more than Johnny. Sonnen has talked his way into a title match in a div he has not revalent matches in. So how do ya top that? I guess see if he can change a outcome in a different div?

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    Lol So whats he going off of, who has more total KOs? That's not really fair considering that Jake has more than double the fights Johnny has lol.

    Theres no doubt that Ellenberger is nowhere near Johnny rankings, just a troll attempt by Chael. Hendricks is probably the most dominating contender in UFC history.

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    Jake can have his shot after John has had his overly well deserved shot! He lost to Kampman not too long ago, well I guess a bit ago but still Johnny has won 7 in a row...he's ahead of everyone in WW without a doubt.
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    he's just doing some pr for his buddy jake, thats all

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    If he hadn't lost to Kampmann, I would 100% agree with Chael that Jake deserves a shot but he did and he just has to accept the setback.

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    So Chael is trying something new. Talking his friends into title shots. The next step in mma, haha.

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    Ellenberger should fight Maia to see who fights the GSP/Hendricks winner.
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    Hey man, it worked for him, maybe he thought he could throw his friend a bone.
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