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Thread: Marcus Davis to petition Maine AC to change NC to Win

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    Default Marcus Davis to petition Maine AC to change NC to Win

    Marcus Davis to petition Maine AC to change NC to Win - Mixed Martial Arts News

    On Thursday night at Bellator 93 in Lewiston, ME, Marcus Davis fought Waachiim Spiritwolf, and again there was controversy about what landed where.

    Davis landed a knee to, well, that is in dispute.

    Spiritwolf was given five minutes to recover, and when he was unable to, a NC was declared, as he knee had been accidental.

    Now Davis is protesting to the Combative Sports Authority of Maine.

    Via Facebook.

    Irish Hand Grenade
    After being able to watch video and get pictures of the knee. After getting to talk to the doctor I am petitioning the Maine MMA Commission asking for them to review my findings and the medical physicians report to over turn it from a no contest to a win due to he couldn't/refused to continue after a LEGAL shot. That a knee blow to the lower abdominal area that induces some sort of panic attack is not a NC.

    Irish Hand Grenade
    Let me know what you think. Even better maybe let the press and Maine MMA commission know what you think.
    Please give me your input.
    Let me explain the actual unified rule definition of a illegal knee-- there is NO rule about placement of a low knee-- knees to hips and thighs are legal the ONLY thing it says-- this is copied and pasted from the site-
    *Groin attacks of any kind

    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    Legal knee.
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    Wow that's really hard to tell, at least for me. Doesn't look like it was a full on groin knee. If it was a legit "groin" strike, maybe it clipped the top of the cup, aka a knee to the dick. I don't know about any of you, but I've been kicked in the dick a couple times. Let me tell you, it makes getting kicked in the nuts feel like getting a syringe stuck in your arm.

    Or I can kind of see it possibly hitting the inner thigh or just below the belt line, obviously making it legal. Regardless, I don't see that as a fight ending stoppage, worth wasting 5 minutes over.

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    Too hard to tell, just do a rematch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearded Big Country View Post
    Too hard to tell, just do a rematch.

    I watched it live and thought the knee probably hit the top of the cup. If it didn't then this Spiritwolf dude is one hell of an actor. Bummer outcome, but like BBC said lets due a rematch.

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    I think it hit the cup then sort of slid up to the lower abdomen. I think he should take the NC and ask for a rematch.

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    Hmm.. The photos make it look a lot more "legal" then the gif does.. It doesnt look like it was a big power shot at all though. a slow knee like that while Spiritwolf was in the process of standing up, and he was unable to continue the fight? that seems kind of odd to me.

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    I'm with sak. It was close but I think it was legal.
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    What a joke. That was one of the worst acting jobs to get out of a fight I've ever seen. Rolling around, acting like a dumbass... best part was seeing him struggle to his feet to try to continue after the 5 min was up and the ref said stand up if you want to fight. He didn't want to fight. The biggest struggle he faced was trying to continue that bullshit acting job for a full 5 minutes. Looked like he was getting tired from it.
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    Fire the guy and get him an Oscar. That knee was legit imho, if it did anything below the belt it was just nip the cup, that was barely a hard knee. One thing's for sure, it wasn't worth all that fucking acting. I hope gets his fucking taken off vs everybody he faces from now on.

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