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I'm taking Mousasi. I've bought into him for years and I think Goose is going to get picked apart on the feet if he fights like he has the past few fights. Mousasi has excellent striking technique and extremely competent submissions, but he's going to be quite undersized here, but worst case scenario, he gets convinced to cut back down to MW, where he's more appropriately sized.

I'll be curious if there was any camp drama from Goose with the whole Lloyd Irvin drama. Cardio has always been an issue for Mousasi, so I'm thinking Goose is the favourite, but I think there's a good chance for Mousasi to take him out.
Mousasi has fought guys across 3 divisions, MW, LHW, and HW. Although those HW weren't the best of the class, he has dealt with size issue quite well.

I've bought into Mousasi for years as well, and I'm glad he will get some recognition during his UFC tenure. His striking is top notch, BJJ game is on point. The more he works on his TDD and his Td (as in the OSP fight), he could be the complete fighter that GSP is. And speaking of which, I remember Mousasi doing a training stint at Tri-Star with GSP before. I hope to see both guys work together more often, as it can expand the skillset of both.