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Thread: Greg Jackson: Chael Sonnen tougher than people think

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    The best wrestling in MMA goes to the one with the highest takedown percentage. Im pretty sure that title belongs to either GSP, Evans, Koscheck, or Fitch.
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    Another intelligent contribution by CTGreat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanC View Post
    When I look back at my old posts about Chael, I cringe. I cringe because I used to get so fired up about the things that he comes out with, and would have jumped on this thread, flaming Chael to hell, if it wasn't so clear to see that the things that he says are soundbites, not serious statements to be taken literally.

    My opinion of Chael changed dramatically during the TUF series in particular. His monologues and motivational speeches were some of the best I've ever heard, from any coach or fighter. He got stuck in to training with the fighters, and just came across like a real good dude. Combine that with how he came across on the Joe Rogan Experience, and Chael can add me to his list of fans.

    Chael is honest about his abilities; he's nota world class striker, he's not some jiu-jitsu wizard, but what he is is a dominant and technical wrestler with power-doubles that are almost impossible to stop.

    If this fight goes the distance, it's absolutely plausible that Chael could grind out the decision and go home with his hand raised, but if he can't put Jones on his back, keep him there, and get the better of him while he's down there, then it's going to be a long, horrible night for Sonnen.
    NO! Chael is a liar, a crook and a thief. You must not like him at all for these particular reasons. Because I said so.

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