As long as women compete in their own leagues, divisions, and such, yes they will be viewed as inferior athletes, and rightfully so. Until we need to stop putting a w in front of a sport name, there is _NO_ way you can possibly consider it equal. Rousey may be great, but how do you think she does against 135lb men? How about Cyborg at 145? Think they'd even top 10? Do you remember what happened when Annika Sörenstam tried the PGA instead of the LPGA? Take the MVP out of the WNBA(I'll admit, I know nothing about the current players in pro basketball, let alone womens), and put her in the NBA. How well does that go?

Unfortunately, and through no fault of the gender, women are inferior athletes to men. Its nobodies fault but evolution and biology, and no amount of rights will ever change that. Sometimes reality>equality.