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Thread: Jackson's MMA critical over long round at WSoF 2

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    Default Jackson's MMA critical over long round at WSoF 2

    Jackson's MMA critical over long round at WSoF 2 - Mixed Martial Arts News

    Saturday at WSoF 2, during Andrei Arlovski vs. Anthony Johnson, the first round appeared to last 8-9 seconds longer than the mandated five minutes. Mixed martial arts is a game that is won from a strike or submission being a fraction of an inch into the right place, and as well seconds matter. In this case, Arlovksi received a damaging blow after the five minute mark, and ended up losing a three round decision.
    Arlovski's team, Jackson's MMA, posted a complaint, via Facebook.

    Jackson's MMA
    Tuesday at 12:13am near Albuquerque, NM
    The NJ athletic commission was worried about the World Series of Fighting getting a new canvas and new corner pads for the cage they almost canceled the fight Saturday night. Unfortunately they forgot to get a time keeper that was trained properly. 1st round 5min 8 sec in the Andrei fight. A devastating blow was landed after the 5min mark. It's amazing how so much time is spent with over regulating but the simple things can cost dearly.
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    So... what are they looking for? No Contest?
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    i mean he got his shit rocked and all... but i mean after the bell is after the bell.. whether or not that combo would have landed in the 2nd round should have been left for the 2nd round...

    Love AA hate his glass chin but who knows

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    At least a two piece chin now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaydo06 View Post
    So... what are they looking for? No Contest?
    If anything happens at all that would be it. Not like they're going to overturn the result to a win for Arlovski. I can understand Jackson's argument though. When the biggest shots of the fight come after what should be the end to the round, it definitely sways the result of the fight. With that said, I wont be surprised if nothing comes of this at all.

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