Earlier this week I posted a thread asking the board whether or not knees should be banned on the ground in WMMA fights. An article in this month's Fighter's Only got me thinking about changes to the rules that could take place as MMA continues to grow.

These rule changes might come about in the interests of improving/maintaining fighter safety, rectifying any ill-conceived rules that might favour one style over another, or to keep the sport from stagnation. Either way, I see it as inevitable that rules will be tweaked and changed over the next few years.

So... to go to the point. The article I mentioned above was about whether or not the length (and number) of rounds in MMA fights under the unified rules should be changed.

A number of old school fighters (Don Frye, K.Shamrock) - and some new-school fighters too like Gunnar Nelson - stated that they preferred the 10min/5min/5min set-up of Pride, or the no-time limit days of the early UFC's.

Others suggested having 3, 3-minute rounds, so that the 'feeling out' process would be bypassed, with fighters coming out aggressive to try and win each round.

So I'll say it again: What does the board think? Should rounds be shorter, or longer? Should there be more of them, or less? What about main events and title fights?

Personally, I'd like to see things stay the same for standard fights, but for main events (or maybe only 'official number one contender fights') and title fights I'd like to see a 10-minute opening round, followed by 4 rounds of 30-minutes. How many times have we seen awesome title fights that have ended just as the tides are turning (see Aldo/Hominick)?

Anyone, throw your two pennies worth in the pot!