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    Quote Originally Posted by MIZjitsZOU View Post
    His nickname is "the caveman." The intro wasn't any longer than any normal one from what I remember. It was just that he had a dinosaur puppet behind him. It really wasn't that bad. Dude has a gimmick and dude is trying to sell that gimmick. Why don't you watch bellator? Because of the intro's?
    I don't really care what his nickname is - I watch MMA to see the skill and technique of the fighters and to see who is best and who proves themselves on that evening of fighting. Not what props they bring to the cage.

    I also didn't say I don't watch bellator - I just said I didn't watch these fights.

    I'm not trying to start any kind of contest - I respect most fighters that step into combat. I just don't see any place for these intro antics , such as bringing a big ass Dino to the cage with you.

    I rather skip the intros and just see the fight.
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