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Thread: Sergio Pettis dominates at NAFC: Battleground, possible move to the UFC next

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    Default Sergio Pettis dominates at NAFC: Battleground, possible move to the UFC next

    Sergio Pettis dominates at NAFC: Battleground, possible move to the UFC next
    Sergio Pettis dominates at NAFC: Battleground, possible move to the UFC next | UFC NEWS MMA News | Mixed Martial Arts | UFC News | BJPenn | MMA Fight | UFC Fights

    NAFC: Battleground took place on March 29th at the Potawatomi Bingo Casino Exposition Center in Milwaukee, WI. Fighting in his hometown may have given Pettis more motivation going into the fight. Talking to Pettis prior to the fight he had this to say about that fact:

    ďI am excited to fight back at home. My whole family is coming to see me, itís been awhile since I fought at home in Milwaukee. ď

    AS Pettis entered the arena he was followed closely by two important figures in his life; his brother Anthony and his head trainer Duke Roufus. Rufousport has become more than just a gym for the young fighter.

    ďItís amazing. Dukeís gym is amazing, itís not even a gym anymore itís more of a family. We are all there helping each other out, thereís no bad egos at the gym.Ē

    Anthony hugged his little brother and then became just like the rest of the people in attendance; a spectator. Anthony canít fight Sergioís battles for him once the younger brother enters the cage. After tonightís fight against a very tough Josh Robinson there is no doubt the younger Pettis can hold his own.

    For three rounds Pettis showcased his all-around skills in the cage. The first two-rounds he displayed a striking game that has made his older brother so fun to watch. Sergioís display of flawless technique and accurate striking through rounds 1 & 2 made his opponent look out-of-place. Sergio consistently landed head kicks with ease on his opponent, until the third round he decided to showcase his ground game.

    Pettis took Robinson down early in the third and displayed an aspect of his skills that many overlook; his ground and pound. This was a dominate display of the skills that have earned Sergio the honor of being named one of the top 25 fighters under the age of 25. Take into the fact he is only 19 and still learning makes facing him scary.

    Sergio Pettis improved his record to an unblemished 7-0 with the Unanimous Decision victory. There were rumors before the fight that this may be his last fight outside of the UFC. Something the fighter does not think about:

    ďIím not really in a rush to get into the UFC. Of course, when it happens Iím going to be 100% and Iím going to be ready for it. But Iím more than comfortable growing in the sport, and the more fights I have the comfortable Iíll be in the cage and thatís where you can see the real me.Ē
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    I saw some holes in Sergio's game when he fought on the RFA card last fall against Jimmy Jones.

    Sergio is still crazy young and is a bit small, I think he needs a little bit more before jumping into the UFC.

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    IMO all he's got going for him right now is his last name. There's tons of other fights that can dish out performances like his and have his record but you don't recognize them until they get signed to a major promotion. Like 'FEDORLEI' said, let him build his record for another year or 2 and get out of his brothers shadow.
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