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JB: Of your 13 fights at middleweight, what do you feel has been your most complete performance thus far and why?

MB: That’s a good question. I’m not sure. I’ll be honest. I haven’t fought to the best of my abilities yet. There are a lot of things I haven’t done yet in the UFC that I’ve always done in training. In my next fights, I’m going back to how I used to fight. I’m going to do spinning back-kicks. I haven’t been doing spinning back-kicks in the UFC. And I don’t give a f--- if you put that in the interview. I’m going to kick Alan Belcher’s ass no matter what he does.

One of my favorite fights was the Denis Kang fight because coming off the Henderson loss, everyone, the press and the fans, said I was finished and couldn’t come back after a knockout like that. Denis Kang was a tough fighter at the time, a great fighter from PRIDE. It was a good fight, and winning it was very emotional. There was a lot riding on that fight.
JB: On April 27th, at UFC 159 in New Jersey, you are scheduled to fight Alan Belcher. What do you think of the matchup and what Belcher has to offer as an opponent?

MB: I think it’s a great matchup. Alan Belcher’s been calling me out for years. I used to feel sorry for him really. I had nothing against the guy, just thought he was a bit of an idiot. Now with some of the things he’s saying, he’s upping the ante and pissing me off. He thinks he’s some great Thai boxer because he walks around in Thai shorts and he went to Phuket. I went to Thailand for three months, but I don’t go around talking about it all the time. He’s got decent Jiu-jitsu, but I don’t see his knockout power. He’s a middleweight so he should be capable of it, but I don’t see it. His Thai boxing is mediocre, at best. No doubt, he’s strong, but I’m better than him in all areas. If I lose, there is something seriously wrong. I’ve told my coaches that if I don’t win, you’re all f---ing fired because you’re doing something wrong.

JB: You are one of the top middleweights in the world right now. Who are some of the other middleweights that you respect or admire, and who are some of the ones that you want to fight or rematch?

MB: Obviously, I have the utmost admiration for Anderson Silva. He’s proven time and time again that he’s the best. I’m a big fan of Anderson Silva, his fighting style as well as him as a person. I’ve met him a few times, and he’s a good guy. But he’s also the guy I’d most like to fight as well. It would be a travesty if when I retire, I’ve never fought him. I’ve been close a few times. But that’s nobody’s fault but mine. It’s nobody’s fault but mine and some TRT and some clever doctors.

I’d like to rematch everyone I ever lost to. I’d like to fight Wanderlei again after that bullshit victory he had against me. I’d like to fight Chael again. Even he said I won that fight. I’d fight Rashad. I’d fight Henderson again too. He beat me fair and square, but I still want to fight him again. Obviously I can’t do anything without that fight coming up, seeing pictures of it on message boards. And, of course, I’d like another fight with the Bible-bashing Vitor Belfort, Vitor the boring bastard Belfort.

Vitor Belfort: The UFC always knew that I use TRT
He has been very vague in regards to it in the past but he went on record here, saying that he uses it and the UFC has always known about it. Tatame was there and documented his quote:

"The UFC always knew that I use, do not do it to cheat. I have medical monitoring and UFC also accompanies it. Never broken through anything, always acted cleanly. Do blood tests every week to equal the testosterone levels of a person my age. Many people are averse to treatment. I am not. I am in favor of people being open and fair in what they are doing."

His UFC on FX 8 opponent and former Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold was asked about it as well and said that he doesn't care if his opponent uses it, but he doesn't need it:

"I do not use and I see no problems, provided it is within the rules. TRT is part of the sport and now I just want to make sure that the fighters are being tested and are at normal levels, "he said, adding that he's seven years younger than his rival feels strong and healthy to compete at a high level.