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Thread: King Mo on Loss: That MotherF***er had his back turned scared – Wants A Rematch

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    king mo is an uber douche.
    His fight with mousasi was lnp, and to top it off he got oustruck by mousasi from the bottom lol
    he was separated from his conciousness by Mr Newton. There was no luck involved, he looked over his shoulder, saw an opportunity and shut that donkey's mouth. he gassed against calvacante and got tko'd.

    Let's not forget he got popped for Drostanolone.

    In summary, King Mo is a never was.

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    I like Mo alot, he's got a great grappling core and power and I would really like to defend him here, but he fought stupid, let his hands hang LOW, thought he was Floyd, got cracked and that's that.

    One thing I'd like to point out, is that since his loss to Feijao in August of 2010, he's had a helluva time with injuries, really bad ones and coming off the yearlong layoff from suspension and a light first return fight, I still don't think he's the same Mo quite yet.

    While he committed a major mental fail in the Newton fight, I think once he fights his way back to a rematch with Newton, he thrashes him.

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    He "turned his back" because he missed with an overhead right and Mo slipped to Emmanuel's right....He mad.

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