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Thread: UFC on FUEL 9 bonuses

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    Default UFC on FUEL 9 bonuses

    UFC on FUEL 9 bonuses: Conor McGregor, Reza Madadi and Brad Pickett vs. Mike Easton earn $60,000 each - MMA Fighting

    According to UFC President White, Conor McGregor earned Knockout of the Night, Reza Madadi was awarded Submission of the Night while Brad Pickett vs. Mike Easton was named Fight of the Night. White announced the winners at the event's post-fight press conference. Each fighter will pocket $60,000 for their efforts.

    UFC on FUEL 9 Post-Fight Press Conference Video

    Conor McGregor: I'm gonna tell welfare office to f@$% off now
    "I'm just happy I won $60K," said McGregor. "I'm just thinking on what I'm going to spend it on. I'll buy myself a car any way. A nice car, may be some suits or something. Custom made suits, I don't know.

    "Just last week I was collecting the social welfare, you know what I mean? I was in there saying to them like, 'I don't know what going to happen. I'm signed to the UFC. I don't know what....blah, blah, blah.'

    "But now I supposed I'm gonna have to tell them to f--- off!"

    "I didn't have money before this... I was collecting 188 Euro ($245) a week off the social welfare. And now here I am, with like 60gs bonus and then my own pay. I don't know what the f---s going on to be honest, right?"
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