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Thread: Swedish AC facing internal review over Gustafsson fight ban

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    Default Swedish AC facing internal review over Gustafsson fight ban

    Swedish AC facing internal review over Gustafsson fight ban - Mixed Martial Arts News

    Now medical procedures at the Swedish MMA Federation are under review, as reported by Gareth A Davies.

    The Swedish MMA federation’s medical committee had chosen at midnight last Tuesday to inform Gustafsson that he was ineligible to fight because of concerns about a gash in his left eyelid, sustained in training a week earlier, which had required four stitches.

    Normal practice would have been to wait until the medical checks three days later, after the weigh-ins, on the Friday.

    By Wednesday last week, Gustafsson had had the four stitches removed, the cut had closed up, and he was ready to fight.

    Gustafsson himself, keen to fight against former Strikeforce 205lbs champion Gegard Mousasi, branded the process “a circus”.

    In fairness, his team cannot be blameless in the process, having “declared” the injury to the Swedish MMA federation.

    George Sallfeldt, president of the Swedish MMA federation, told Telegraph Sport after the event: “We will be looking into the situation that happened, and the way it happened. We’ll be asking the medical committee how they arrived at their decision [on the Tuesday night] and why it was made when it was.”

    But he added: “It someone contacts the federation it is difficult to do anything different to what happened. But I have to say that this situation has never happened before.”

    Sallfeldt had consistently defended his panel’s decision last week, falling back on an insistence that combat sports in Sweden are governed by law, and that he was powerless to overrule it.

    White told me: “I don’t want to come out and bash these guys, but they did a horrible job of this. We know Sweden has great fans, and we really like this market, but it really wasn’t good what happened."
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    Maybe it's still to early and I'm misreading it, but did it just say Gus' cut was inspected on Tuesday (was declared he couldn't fight) and the stitches were removed and it had healed by Wednesday? How does that make any sense?

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    whenever you are dealing with an international Athletic Commission, you are going to get some sort of circus.

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    Nick Diaz is a punk and should be fired... oh wait.
    I wonder what the real reason to with hold Goose from the fight was. Maybe to showcase Latifi?

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    Not sure what the practice is and when a fighter must claim injury or when a commission has to make a dec. Even though it appears Gus should of fought they did leave enough time for the fight to go on. So I see the invistigation as a good thing, there new at it and hopefully see how to do it better in the future.

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    You know what, i bet this was a shady act by someone inside the comission who wanted to give Mousasi an advantage in the main event so he didnt clear Goose to fight.

    Now if only Goose got this on camera............................................ ................


    Got a lot of soul searching to do. Sorry to everyone I've let down

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