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I think he's playing a game that GSP started. Or at least, it's the latest volley in a game GSP started...it's more overt, less subtle, but it seems like title shots in zuffa are as much about PR as they are about talent.

More about PR than talent, actually.

If Georges won't come right out and state that he wants the #1 contender--whom he effectively discredited in many casual fans eyes by taking the fight with Diaz--the #1 contender is every bit as entitled to discredit him.

Don't forget Sherk. Handing a popular fighter a belt isn't new to zuffa.

Again, I think this is posturing and public relations. I think the reference to Georges as "the guy who's had the belt for the last three or four years at 170" was a deliberate insult. He's been a dominant champ--he's faced better opponents than Anderson--and it's been 5 to 6 years since he regained the belt; but this seems to cast him as just another fighter at 170. Just one of many champs; kind of like Georges ducking him to take the money fight cast Hendricks as one of many contenders.

It's definitely a page out of dana's "oh that guy isn't important enough for me to get the details straight on him" PR playbook.

I wonder if Hendricks would ask for Rory instead of Maia or Ellenburger. It could start a "new" tradition in zuffa--if you can't have integrity, at least cash checks. Or in Georges' case, cheques.



I get what you're saying RH; but i think its just a matter of i want the belt. Im not chasing GSP. GSP isnt my goal. Being the champ is my goal.

It is what it is.
For him its not about fighting GSP, its about that 25Lb gold belt.