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Thread: UFC on Fuel 9: Mousasi vs Latifi Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by RearNakedStroke View Post
    Charged him? Sure. I'm just not very impressed with a supposed top fighter with a decent reach advantage going in against a unknown fighter and jabbing his way to a decision.

    Dominant? Yes.

    Impressive? Far from it.
    People need to realize that he prepared for an opponent who is the exact opposite of who he had to fight. He probably trained most of his camp practicing getting on the inside to light goose up.. then he ends up fighting a shorter, stalkier, wrestler last minute. I'm sure that fucked up his rhythm a bunch and made him more unsure/unprepared. Not to mention he still accepted the fight with his busted up knee.

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    It's kind of hard to look at the Mousasi fight with any real critique. A fight with a late replacement opponent, with a completely different style, who he has nothing to gain by winning or losing to, is not a fight you look at too seriously.

    Mousasi probably could have gone out and smashed the guy, but Mousasi basically got a freebie where he could get actual octagon experience. He made the right call. I'm not saying he let the clock run to a decision, but not being in a rush to finish wasn't the worst move he could have made.

    Only thing you can really say is that he won and now has a win under his belt in the UFC, allowing him to be comfortable in his next match.
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    It's not often I agree with Pashak, but mousasi has been a top fighter for years. Much like Bigfoot Silva he'd been overlooked. I don't know if he will make a run for the title, but I wouldn't be surprised. He has a champions mentality, much like a Carlos Condit. If he loses it will either be very sudden or a brutal bitter fight. I'd wager the latter more likely....
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    Quote Originally Posted by disposableassassin View Post
    Damn I wish I could find a way to watch this on my iPhone.
    Gegard Mousasi vs. Ilir Latifi full fight video highlights from UFC on FUEL TV 9 in Sweden -
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