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Thread: Alexander Gustaffson camp requests Lyoto Machida or UFC injury fill-in

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    Quote Originally Posted by rough-n-tumble View Post
    I like Gustaffson, though feel people are making him out to be much better than he really is at this point. Before he meets Jones he really needs another tough fight. And realistically if he cannot definitively beat Machida then he is not ready for Jones.

    I'd like to see this though, should be good.
    I agree, I also think Gus should have to face a good wrestler. Ever since his loss to Davis he's been kept away from wrestlers imho and we know Jones would definitely seek to exploit that. Until he doesn't prove his wrestling has improved, I don't really think he'll do much vs Jones

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeodd2 View Post
    Can anyone think of the last guy to callout Lyoto Michida? and I'm not talking about when he had the belt....I like this kid more and more, he's got some balls. Lyoto is not a fun fight for anybody, with the exception maybe of Shogun....
    Well I know Randy wanted that fight for years. He got it and it retired him with gap in his grill.
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    If everyone is taking Lyoto, if this fight happens I got Goose.
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