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Thread: UFC 162 Draws John Makdessi vs. Edson Barboza Lightweight Bout

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    Default UFC 162 Draws John Makdessi vs. Edson Barboza Lightweight Bout

    UFC 162 Draws John Makdessi vs. Edson Barboza Lightweight Bout |

    A lightweight bout between John Makdessi and Edson Barboza has been added to the UFC 162 fight card slated for July 6 in Las Vegas.

    UFC officials announced the new bout on Friday.
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    Sick fight! I'm going to have go against my fellow Canadian and say Barboza takes this one.

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    Oh yes, I've wanted to see this fight since the beginning of their UFC -careers!

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    Barboza has a chance to be on of the best at 155 imo


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    On paper, this should be dynamite, but I think this fight could really end up being a true clash of styles.

    Aside from my opinion that Barboza's being the better overall striker, what REALLY stands out here is that he's got a massive size advantage on Makdessi.

    Given the stylistic matchup, Makdessi is going to have to wade in from beyond the arc and cover ALOT of distance in the standup, which he'll be able to do to some degree with his TKD skills, but he runs a high risk of getting lit up and Barboza's TKD skills will provide him with some insight into the looks Makdessi is going to give him, which I think nullifies alot of Makdessi's striking attack.

    This leads me to believe that Makdessi will fight quite cautiously and conservative, possibly gameplanning to grapple Barboza and turn this into an ugly fight where Barboza cannot utilize his range and size to full potential on the feet, which could turn into a rather dull affair.

    I see this going one of two ways and it really depends on Makdessi's gameplan here. If Makdessi wants an FOTN, he'll risk standing and they'll hang and bang and he'll get KTFO. If Makdessi avoids the striking and looks to take Barboza down(which is what I believe 99% of his training should focus on), we could be in for a long night.

    I'll take Barboza because I think Makdessi's striking is overrated and the matchup just simply doesn't favour him. I hope I'm wrong here, but I see this one disappointing unless Makdessi throws out the gameplan....

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