Vinny Magalhaes:

“Level is not about numbers; level is about skills. And as far as skill goes, I think I have way more skills than him and I think it becomes a mismatch once we’re fighting each other,” said Magalhaes in an interview with the UFC, pointing out that rankings mean little once the cage door closes.

Though Magalhaes is willing to admit he may not have Davis’ credentials when it comes to collegiate success on the mat, he isn’t concerned considering the confidence he has in his own abilities.

“Wrestling, I will give that to Phil Davis, but who cares? He takes me down, that’s my world,” said the decorated BJJer. “He thinks he can (grapple) because he’s been fighting a bunch of cans who cannot. And he cannot strike. Every time people throw a punch he just falls, tries to shoot. He becomes like a NCAA wrestler.”