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Thread: Magalhaes: “Wrestling, I will give that to Phil Davis, but who cares?

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    Default was Vinny's biggest win again? Certainly not the likes of Nog, Goose, Stann, or Boetsch (hell even Prado).

    This guy's ego is so freaking ridiculous sometimes.

    Vinny's an amazing PURE BJJ competitor. However, this is a America....where there's no yellow cards and you can be pinned against the cage.

    Yeah, Vinny's losing here.
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    How crazy would it be if Davis locked in an anaconda choke?
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    Vinny all day with this one. Horrible matchup for Davis.

    I don't know why people here get butt hurt whenever someone says something that isn't a compliment. What ever happened to good ol' fashioned trash talk. The NBA has already gotten soft from what it used to be and I sure as hell hope the top fighting organization in the world never does.

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